Southern gals in birthday catfight


Queenstown cops are liaising with their Invercargill counterparts about a catfight involving seven women in The Mall at 11.30pm last Saturday.

A group of five females on a birthday trip from Southland were attacked by two other southerners, who allegedly kicked and punched at least one victim.

“The offenders ran away but one of them was known to the women on the receiving end and they were stopped at the BP garage at Frankton on their way back home,” constable Sean Drader says. “We are following this up with Invercargill police and inquiries are continuing.”

Meanwhile, the following night a 20-year-old Englishman was spoken to by cops after he dropped his trousers in front of two females and a man outside Winnies in The Mall.

A heated argument followed, during which one of the women was hit in the face.

“Police were quickly at the scene but all of a sudden everyone suffered from a momentary bout of amnesia and no-one would make a complaint,” Drader observes.

Car prowler alert

A frightened woman alerted police that she was followed by a “dodgy-looking” man in a car while she was jogging up Goldfield Heights at 1.10pm on April 21.

“The lady said he quickly did a u-turn and left when she produced her mobile phone and used it,” Drader says. “He’s described as being in his 40s with a dark complexion.”

Drader adds: “We’d like to hear from anyone else who may have seen a suspicious vehicle around that time.”
Kids nicked in Arrowtown

Five youths from Riverton were collared for various offences after being stopped in a stolen vehicle in Arrowtown at 12.45pm last Saturday.

The 15-year-old female driver was charged with unlawfully taking a motor vehicle and a boy, also 15, was done for unlawfully getting into a vehicle, possession of a knife, driving whilst forbidden and having no driver’s licence.

Two other lads, aged 14 and 16, and a 15-year-old girl were also done for unlawfully being in the car.
“The vehicle had been taken from a farm in Riverton without permission,” Drader says.

Rude awakening

A 33-year-old Aussie man was charged with unlawfully being at a Queenstown address in the early hours of last Saturday.

“He was found in the lounge by the occupants at 5.30am,” Drader comments. “The trouble was, he didn’t live there.”

Earlier that night, a 20-year-old Queenstown man was charged with male assaults female after an incident involving a local woman, aged 19, at a Sunshine Bay address.

Fists fly in park

A builder and a mechanic from Queenstown and a builder from Wanaka were done for fighting in a public place after a bust-up in Earnslaw Park just before 2am last Saturday.

“One of the men had been kicked out of a bar and he was allegedly scrapping with two other blokes who had been ejected from another pub,” Drader says.

Car crime hotspot, breach

And cops are looking into a car burglary at Twelve Mile last Friday in which a window was smashed and fishing equipment belonging to a fishing guide swiped.

“Twelve Mile is becoming quite a hot-spot for this sort of crime,” Drader says.

A 37-year-old unemployed female bar promoter living in Queenstown was arrested last Thursday on a warrant for breaking her community work.