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A Tasmanian businessman is bringing sexy barmaids to a former Arrowtown book cafe.

Rick Schultz, who recently took over as manager of The Willows bar and cafe in Ramshaw Lane, says he’s employed five scantily clad girls to work at a new weekly event he’s calling “Thirsty Thursdays”.

And although he admits he’s bracing himself for flak from some local residents, he insists there’s nothing sleazy about his venture.

“It’s just girls in short tops and short skirts,” he says. “Real tight. Real short.

“I’ve got five barmaids and they’re all up for it.”

Dad-of-one Schultz, 43, is tonight launching the first of what he describes as “skimpy nights”.

He says he got the idea from a similar promotion he ran at a hotel he owned in Launceston, Tasmania.

“I’m expecting a few comments from some locals. But it’s not going to be slutty and it’s just a bit of fun.

“It’s very tame compared with what I did back home [in Tasmania], otherwise I’d have all the old biddies knocking on my door.

“I’m hoping most people will take to it like ducks to water.”

Schultz says he’s already had a trial run at The Willows – and led from the front himself by parading around dressed in a mini-skirt and frilly ladies’ undies.

“The deal with the barmaids was that if they did it, then I had to do it too,” he says.

“I cut a pair of my black chef pants in half to make a skirt and had a frilly G-string on underneath.

“It wasn’t a handsome look. But some older ladies who were in for dinner found it quite interesting and were taking photographs.”

Schultz says he took over as boss of The Willows two months ago after being brought in by the son of
owner Cis Walker.

“Cis’s son Kerry, who’s a friend of mine, had been asking me for a while to come to Arrowtown to help out,” he says.

“I’ve taken full control and I’ve put in a dance floor, disco lights and a new video jukebox. The place has been going really well.”