Song stars ready to roll


The woman behind Queenstown’s upcoming original live song contest says the finalists are hitting top form.
The 15 finalists will perform their original numbers for the first time in public next week during the three-night season of Songstars, the brainchild of Margaret O’Hanlon. 

O’Hanlon says it’s been nothing but practise and fine-tuning for the past few months – and she’s impressed by the amount of people with decent, original material. 

“It’s always fascinating to me that people are out there doing these things. 

“When we started, I wasn’t sure we’d get enough people but we got plenty – and they’re all bloody good.” 

The contestants put themselves at the mercy of the audience who will judge the winner. 

The shows are next Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8pm at Memorial Hall. 

Tickets, available from Ticketek or the Events Centre at Frankton, are $37 for adults and $20 for students or children under 14.