Solve your parking hassles


A Queenstown youth centre has devised a novel way to earn some dough during Winter Festival – auctioning off carparks online.

X-it Youth Centre in Stanley Street have listed two car parks on auction giant Trade Me for punters to use during one of the resorts busiest times.

The spaces are on offer for nine of the 10 days during Queenstown’s biggest party at a minimum purchase price of $5 or $10 for the slots each day.

While the centre has no expectations for how much will be raised, they’re hopeful the idea will be a seller.

“It’s providing, hopefully, space for local community users when it’s really hard to find parking and we get money for the youth centre,” youth worker Fiona Sawers says. “It’s a win, win situation.”

Staff and trustees will be forsaking their parking spots for the fundraiser, which is providing them with a bit of fun.

“It’s just like watching any auction – you sit on the edge of your seat and see what happens.”