So what are ya this Paddy’s Day – Oirish or Irish?


The country’s top Guinness pourers – Selena Gildea, 30, and Jim Griffiths, 29 – will be sure to fill plenty of Queenstown glasses on St Patrick’s Day. 

But despite recently being voted best in the business, the bartenders from Irish watering hole Pog Mahones will only down one beer at midnight – they’ll be flat out in the packed pub all of today. 

“It’s pretty manic. It’s just non-stop all day,” Gildea says. “Everyone’s Irish on St Paddy’s Day,” Englishman Griffiths adds.

Oirish or Irish?

Test if you are irrefutably Irish or a plastic Paddy (answers below)

1. What is a ‘Tayto’?
2. Bosco has never aged – what age is he?
3. What is an ‘amadán’?
4. Who used the catchphrase ‘Well holy God’?
5. Who might be referred to as a ‘wagon’?
6. Who is the current Taoiseach?
7. Finish this line: ‘Don’t forget your shovel …’
8. What would you go to find in Lisdoonvarna?
9. Whose visit to Ireland drew the largest crowd ever in the Phoenix Park? 
10. What’s a ‘culchie’?
11. What’s a ‘sceartán’? 
12. What’s a ‘sliothar’? 
13. What’s Bono’s real name? 
14. What famous song about the famine did Pete St John write?
15. What did St Patrick rid Ireland of?
16. Translate the following: ‘Níl aon tintéan mar do thintéan féin’


1 An Irish brand of potato crisps
2 Five
3 A fool
4 Miley Byrne – a character in the long running soap ‘Glenroe’
5 A woman, referred to in a derogatory manner
6 Enda Kenny
7 ‘… if you want to go to work’
8 A husband or wife (Matchmaking Festival)
9 Pope John Paul II in 1979
10 A person from rural Ireland
11 A blood-sucking tick found in long grass
12 A hard solid cork and leather ball, slightly larger than a tennis ball, used in the Gaelic games of hurling and camogie
13 Paul Hewson
14 The Fields of Athenry
15 Snakes
16 There’s no place like home (There’s no fireplace like your own fireplace)