Snapping at celebrity heels


Junior Queenstown photographer Lucia King Smith, 10, is in famous company on a national charity drive. 

Her stunning photo of Moke Lake is to be auctioned on Trade Me with others snapped by celebs Dave Dobbyn, Phil Keoghan, Mils Muliaina, Lucy Lawless, Gaylene Preston and Jane Hunter. 

The fundraiser, called “Illuminate Our Place”, is to raise awareness about protecting the environment. 

Lucia was chosen because her parents know an executive at sponsor Ecoya, who recommended her as someone young who loves the outdoors and photography. 

Each photographer chose their own special place and Moke Lake was Lucia’s pick: “This photo makes me think, ‘Wow, look at the beautiful place I grew up in’,” she says. 

“In winter it’s like a snow wonderland, like someone has cast a spell – it’s magical.” 

Lucia says she’d like “to protect the beautiful clean water – my photo is all water”. 

Top bid for the super-snap stood at $270 earlier this week, with the auction closing on September 11. 

Each photographer nominates the charitable cause which will receive the auction proceeds from their photo. 

Lucia’s dad Bas Smith says the only thing his daughter doesn’t love about Moke Lake is “the smelly old toilet” – she’s already talking to the Department of Conservation about donating her photo’s auction proceeds for an upgrade.