Snack attack in Mall


Doorman assaulted with sandwich board


A 27-year-old Canadian male in Queenstown on a work permit was arrested for assault with a weapon – after whacking a doorman with a sandwich board.

The incident took place outside Winnies bar and restaurant in The Mall at 11pm on September 15.

“The man is alleged to have picked up the board and struck the doorman on the face with it after refusing to leave the premises,” sergeant Kate Pirovano of Queens­town police says.

“He also bit someone else on the arm. Basically he wasn’t a very nice person.”

More violence

A 24-year-old Australian woman was collared for assault and theft after a rumpus at the Night ‘N’ Day store in Camp Street at 1.40am last Sunday.

“She’s alleged to have nicked a box of beer and drank some of it while still on the premises,” Pirovano says.
“She then assaulted a female shop assistant while trying to run away.”

A 30-year-old Queenstown man was charged with assaulting two local males after an alleged bust-up at the taxi rank on Camp St at 5.45am last Thursday.

And cops are still probing an incident last Saturday night in which a staff member at a restaurant in Rees St was taken to Lakes District Hospital for stitches after being attacked by an unknown male.

Not a clean sweep

A tourist from Canada was done for disorderly behaviour after some bizarre early-morning antics with a broom at Fergburger.

The 26-year-old male is alleged to have snatched the broom from a staff member in the wee small hours of September 15 and walked off down the street throwing it in the air.

He then smacked it against a large plate-glass window, which cracked the glass.

“His baton-twirling skills were probably diminished at 5 o’clock in the morning,” Pirovano observes.

Holiday haul

Four snowboards and a backpack containing a sum of Japanese money and a passport, plus plane and bus tickets, were pinched from a rental car overnight at a Queenstown lodge last Friday.

“It was quite a little haul,” Pirovano says. “The vehicle is believed to have been unlocked.”

Driver’s close shave

A 34-year-old Australian man who lives locally escaped unhurt when he drove his vehicle through
a fence and plunged four metres on to a neighbour’s back lawn near Reavers Lodge in Hamilton Road at 10.30pm last Sunday.

Meanwhile, an Irishman and a South African male were dealt with by police after being caught having a race around the deck of the TSS Earnslaw at Steamer Wharf at 2am on September 16.

Double trouble

A 27-year-old Australian living in Queenstown was done for drink-driving for the second time in a fortnight.

He was stopped at 12.30am last Friday on Hensman Rd.

“Police caught 13 drink-drivers that week but this guy stood out for obvious reasons,” Pirovano adds.

Shear stupidity

A 33-year-old shearer was arrested at 1.45pm last Sunday at SkyCity Casino after nicking the key to
a gaming machine from the premises about 12 hours earlier.

“He walked back into the casino

the next day but staff immediately recognised him from CCTV footage and called police,” Pirovano says.
“He’s also alleged to have had some cannabis in his possession.”