Sleepwalker robbed


Heard the one about the half-naked Irishman who had his trousers nicked by a Norwegian while he was sleepwalking?
It really happened – to an unfortunate tourist from the Emerald Isle in Queenstown last Friday.

The Irish visitor had a sum of cash and an internet user card stolen while staying at Discovery Lodge backpackers in Shotover Street.

Cops were baffled, until CCTV footage showed the incident happened when the victim was sleepwalking in the corridors in his underpants – with his trousers draped over his arm.

“The images showed the man, who is a chronic sleepwalker, had dropped his trousers on to the floor outside a Norwegian man’s room,” says Queenstown con­stable Sean Drader.

“The suspect is seen furtively opening his door and snatching the trousers inside before depositing them back in the corridor, allegedly minus a couple of hundred dollars and the internet card.

“You couldn’t make it up.”

The Norwegian has been charged with theft.

False claims

In separate incidents, two women have been charged with making false complaints to police, allegedly as a prelude to bogus insurance claims.

A 26-year-old Canadian who works in Queenstown was caught out on January 31 after telling cops she had her bag snatched off her shoulders while in town.

“She later admitted she did have items taken while in Thailand but as she didn’t have any travel insurance while there, she thought she’d make a claim here instead,” says Drader.

Two days earlier, a 28-year-old New Zealand female living in Australia was also arrested after telling local cops her $5000 laptop had been pinched while she was asleep in a Queenstown park.

“That wasn’t true, either,” says Drader.

“She later said she actually had her computer stolen from her house in Australia but it wasn’t insured for that. She’d only come to Queenstown for the day to attend a wedding.”

Night crawlers

A 35-year-old Queenstowner was assaulted on Shotover St in the early hours of last Sunday.

The man was knocked to the ground and suffered a cut forehead, chipped tooth and a bump on the cheek after getting into an argument about a taxi.

Earlier that night a 24-year-old Englishman was arrested for trespass after repeatedly trying to get into the World Bar on Shotover St after being refused entry because he was drunk.

“He just kept coming back.”

Drink-driver’s wrong turn

On January 29, an 18-year-old man from Nelson was done for drink-driving after being caught going the wrong way up Henry St. “It was a bit of a giveaway,” Drader adds.

Pothead pots himself

An Invercargill man was busted for possession of cannabis while being issued a ticket for a traffic matter at 2.30am on January 30.

“The officer couldn’t help noticing the smell of cannabis coming from the car and the driver was duly arrested,” Drader says.