Sleeping it off inside


Queenstown police continue to find drunken people asleep on the streets – sometimes even in the station garden. 

A 32-year-old Arrowtowner was taken in for detox after he was discovered sleeping in the rain outside the Camp Street station. 

“It was nice of him to bring himself in,” Drader says. 

The man, who couldn’t stand up or walk, had been drinking in a bar at Steamer Wharf and was found shortly before 3am on Sunday. 

Officers also helped a 21-year-old girl on Frankton Road 

“She had been dropped off at an address by a taxi. The driver passed an hour later and she was asleep on the footpath. 

“Officers turned up but she couldn’t give an address so she got to sleep back here. Our job is to look after people. It is not being arrested, it is being detained under an enactment until you’re safe to be let go.” 

A Brazilian dairy worker found asleep on the stones on Lake Esplanade shortly before midnight on Wednesday was allowed to sleep in his car – but only after officers had confiscated his keys. 

Easy catch for cops 

A stolen mountain bike was recovered by police after they spotted it had been sold on a popular auction website.

The top-of-the-range downhiller was nicked from Brecon Street, Queenstown, in late December. 

Worth $2200, the black Outside Sports rental cycle was sold on Trade Me for $1550 to an innocent buyer. 

Senior constable Sean Drader says: “It is a case of Caveat Emptor – let the buyer beware. 

“They have been left seriously out of pocket because the bike was returned to its original owner. 

“The bike had been left outside to dry after being hosed off. It had been up on Queenstown Bike Park. Someone had ridden off on it.” 

A 22-year-old local man was arrested. 

Driver back in dock 

A cleaner banned for drink driving was allegedly caught behind the wheel just four days later. 

The 26-year-old appeared in Queenstown District Court on Monday, January 16, and pleaded guilty to driving with excess breath alcohol. 

He was banned from the roads for six months and sentenced to community work. 

The next Friday on January 20 – just four days later – he was allegedly back behind the wheel. 

“Officers stopped a work van on Park Street at 1pm,” Drader says. 

The man was arrested and charged with driving while disqualified and will appear in court again. 

Cannabis in car 

A 43-year-old man from Gore was arrested and charged after officers smelt cannabis in his car. 

Police initially stopped the vehicle at 9am on Monday on Lake Esplanade because it did not have a registration or warrant of fitness. 

But they then searched the vehicle after smelling the drug. They found nine grams of cannabis and a bong. 

The man was charged with possession and possession of drug utensils. 

Driver rolled five times 

A Hong Kong driver who allegedly lost control of his car and rolled it down Queenstown Hill has now been charged. 

The 19-year-old student was charged with drink driving and dangerous driving causing injury after blood test results. 

The youngster allegedly spun his 1991 Mitsubishi Gallant while cornering at speed on Hensman Rd in the early hours of Monday, January 11. 

The car then rolled five times before coming to rest on Marty’s Lane below. 

The student and his 17-year-old female passenger were treated in hospital for concussion.