Ski road barrier on track


A safety barrier aimed at making the treacherous Remarkables access road safer is beginning to take shape.

The special corrugated iron guard railing stretching 3.6 kilometres started to go up this week, The Remarkables ski area manager Ross Lawrence says.

The barrier begins at the 6km-mark and covers various sections up to the 11km-mark to ease motorists’ peace of mind as they drive up in winter conditions.

“It’s been tested internationally for maintaining its ability to withhold some pretty high impact – not that that’s going to happen,” Lawrence says.

He says the project’s “fairly expensive, but certainly we deem it justified for improving the safety on the access road”.

It’s not the only pricey project going on at The Remark­­­­ables in time for winter – builders are busy revamping the base building to expand the crèche so an extra 14 kids can be accommodated.