Skate park fountain

Team effort: From left, Austin Tyler, 11, Veolia operations manager Joel Dykstra, Ollie Spice, 12, Lennox Faamalepe, 12, Harry Waggett, 11, teacher Stacey Anderson, Ashton White, 12, and Louis Rees-Dalley, 11, with the new water fountain

A new water fountain has been installed at Arrowtown Skate Park after school-children campaigned to clean up their village.

Year 5-6 pupils from Arrowtown School, who regularly use the park, were tired of seeing plastic bottles left behind.

They wrote to Jim Boult, Queenstown’s mayor, last year calling for no smoking signs, more recycling bins and a water fountain to be added to the park.

Queenstown council’s water contractor, Veolia, agreed to fund the $10,000 project after the council asked the company to come up with a price for a new fountain.

Pupil Ashton White, 12, says usually “there’s a lot of plastic left over and there’s just rubbish everywhere to be honest”.

“It’s been about a year now and it’s just great to have it here because we’re always down here.”

Arrowtown School teacher Stacey Anderson says it’s “essential” for the youngsters to get involved in campaigns like this to help save the environment.

“Our kids have been doing lots of work on sustainability and what that means for the environment .

“I think if we can help these kids learn about sustainability now, then it’s going to play a huge role in the future.”

Extra recycling bins have also been installed at the park.