Sisters in double whammy quake and flight scare


An horrific earthquake and an aborted aeroplane landing gave two Queenstown sisters more than enough shocks last weekend.

St Joseph’s pupils Jesse Wilson, 11, and Charlie, 8, flew out last Friday to stay with Charlie’s godmother in Christchurch.

Both were rudely awoken in their stretcher beds early next morning by the city’s horrendous earthquake.

“It felt like a plane had landed in the house,” Jesse says.

“I was frightened to get out of bed,” Charlie adds.

After experiencing “loads” of after-shocks, they were happy to fly home on Jetstar the next day.

However the sisters were jolted again when the plane performed a touch-and-go landing on the Queenstown Airport runway before diverting to Dunedin.

“Everyone started panicking because it was quite scary,” Jesse says.

Charlie adds: “Some people started crying, including me.”

However the girls, who were then bussed to Queenstown, both say the earthquake shook them up more.