Sir Peter Jackson luges in Queenstown during his down-time


Still footage has emerged of world-renowned movie director Sir Peter Jackson luging at Queenstown’s Skyline.

Jackson went luging while preparing to shoot scenes for The Hobbit movie at a purpose-built set at Paradise, near Glenorchy.

The shoot involved famous actors Orlando Bloom and Sir Ian McKellen, who are reprising their roles of elf Legolas and wizard Gandalf, respectively, which they performed in the award-winning Lord of the Rings trilogy, also directed by Jackson.

It’s understood the main unit has now moved on to Te Anau.

However The Hobbit’s large second unit – which made a brief appearance in Queenstown late last month – is due to return in the next few days.

The director of the second unit is Englishman Andy Serkis, who also plays Gollum.

Meanwhile, Bloom was spotted in Queenstown cafe Motogrill today (Wednesday).

A tweet from the cafe reads: “Holy shit Orlando Bloom is in the house!!!”