Sir Michael to violinists: It’s only base camp


The sponsor of the Michael Hill International Violin Competition has told the 18 semi-finalists they’ve only reached base camp.
Arrowtown jeweller Sir Michael Hill addressed the young violinists from the around the world at today’s (Friday) official opening of the seventh edition of his competition in Queenstown. 

“You might think that this could be the Everest of your life, but in fact it’s only base camp and the Everest is still to come. 

“Whether you shine totally in this competition is totally irrelevant but how you shine in a lifetime is very important.” 
Hill challenged the competitors to visualise where they want to end up. 

“I’ve always been a great believer that if you want something, you have to visualise it, you have to visualise it very clearly, and you need to look a long way ahead.” 

Hill says he’s always set 30-year goals. 

“I feel that each of you has the potential to achieve anything in the musical world in your lifetime, if you really really really want to.” 

Hill also advised the violinists, who compete in two semi-final rounds during the next three days, to loosen up and trust themselves. 

“You all know the notes, you all know the technique, you all know everything off by heart, you’ve done all the practice, you’ve done all the hard work and now it’s up to you to trust yourself and have an inner trust. 

“It’s a difficult thing to do, but if you can let go and let your laptop computer be calm and have no negative thoughts, I think you can surprise yourself in this wonderful place.” 

The semi-finals start at the Queenstown Memorial Centre at 9.30am tomorrow.