Simon Hayes is coining it for charity


Enterprising Queenstowner Simon Hayes has dreamed up a whizz-bang scheme to coin in cash for kids. 

His brainwave of turning old money into new becomes a nationwide fundraiser next month. 

Hayes (right) wants people to find any out-of-date coins, bank notes and foreign currency and give them to the 
Lions Club, which will pass current-day cash on to deserving youngsters. 

Queenstown Lion Hayes says New Zealand’s central bank estimates there’s $81 million worth of redundant pennies, shillings, pounds, old decimal coins and bank notes hidden away throughout the country. 

“I was absolutely staggered when I found out how much money there was out there,” Hayes says. 

The Reserve Bank of NZ in Wellington confirms it redeems any Kiwi currency – no matter how old – that’s been 
legally issued dollar-for-dollar, or for face value. By getting people to pass on redundant money to the Lions, it’s not costing anyone anything and is a great way of potentially raising $2-$4 million, Hayes reckons. 

“The old decimal coins and bank notes are no longer legal tender, but can be redeemed at the Reserve Bank and when the foreign currency is sorted it will have a value with dealers or will be recycled.” 

Money will go towards Lions’ youth programmes in schools, plus outdoor education courses. 

The “Heads up for kids – give old money new value” campaign launches on July 10 – exactly 43 years after decimal currency was introduced to NZ. Donations can be made at Resene ColorShops and Lions branches.