Silence on the goats – anonymous donor funds Queenstown art


Sculptures of three wild goats have been donated anonymously to Queenstown.

The family of three life-sized corrugated iron goats – by Auckland artist Jeff Thomson – was installed on the Kelvin Peninsula headlands on Tuesday.

The Queenstown Trails Trust facilitated and chief executive Mandy Kennedy says the trust is delighted a generous benefactor has donated public sculpture to enhance the trail.

Kennedy, who says Queenstown’s council was consulted and approved use of its reserve land won’t disclose costs, but Mountain Scene understands it could be $50,000 to $60,000.

Local art dealer/consultant Nadene Milne, asked for her reaction, says: “It’s wonderful to see the community increasingly engaging with the visual arts.
“Whilst this piece is not quite to my taste, any public artworks deepen and broaden the experience of both visitors and those living here.”