Shotover Jet gets PM on board for landmark celebration


Shotover Jet’s three millionth customers got VIP treatment today (Wednesday) – including sharing a ride with the Prime Minister. 

Aussie thrill-seekers Nigel and Kirsty Cox, Sara Anza and Adam Jambanis were gobsmacked when told they were milestone passengers on the iconic Queenstown trip – along with John Key. 

The Prime Minister has been in town for the three-day national tourism trade extravaganza Trenz. 

“When we woke up this morning we didn’t think we were going to meet the Prime Minister,” Kirsty, who’s in NZ to be a bridesmaid, says. 

Fellow bridesmaid Anza even asked if they had to bow. 

Having Key and his entourage on board added even more to the “amazing” adrenaline hit – but Kirsty did have to apologise to “nice guy” Key for screaming the whole way through. 

“It’s one of the best things I have ever experienced in my life,” she claims, adding it’s the highlight of her nine-day holiday. 

Key even got to drive a jetboat – albeit a mini motorised version on wheels – taking it for a “blat” prior to the real deal. 

“The suit I normally dry clean – I don’t wash them,” a slightly damp Key said after the “sensational” tourism trip. 

He reckons the thrill ride is a “great way show off New Zealand to Aussies that screamed at me the whole way through” and also congratulated the company on its 40-year history.