Shortlist for Queenstown treatment ponds upgrade


Three companies are competing to complete stage one of a $35.9 million upgrade of Queenstown’s Shotover ‘poo farm’.

Stage one of the Queenstown council project involves constructing a treatment plant for purifying and removing solids at the site of the Shotover treatment ponds, downstream of the Shotover bridge.

Council boss Adam Feeley says delivering cost-effective and good-quality infrastructure is a fundamental goal for local authorities.

“This project is one of the most significant in that regard for the Wakatipu Basin.”

Three companies and groups have been chosen from six companies or joint ventures which put forward preliminary proposals to design, build and operate Stage 1 of the new wastewater treatment plant.

The three are United Group, Infrasol and Downer Construction Ltd, which presented two submissions.

Selection criteria include the use of technology to treat the effluent to a high standard, cost-effective solutions and relevant experience.

The entire upgrade is expected to take 13 years.