Sexy chef’ and easy to see why


Glamorous Indonesian TV star Farah Quinn – known as the sexy chef – created quite a stir in Queenstown on Tuesday night. 

Quinn, in town during annual powwow Tourism Rendezvous New Zealand (TRENZ), was groomed to within an inch of her life and wearing a gorgeous figure-hugging dress at an Auckland Airport-hosted do at SkyCity Queenstown. 

After a brief chat with Quinn, one clearly bedazzled Queenstown businessman noted: “Well, I’ve had my allotted five minutes with the celebrity.” 

In the speeches, NZ’s ambassador to Indonesia David Taylor joked she’s known as the sexy chef but “I’m not sure why”. 

Associate Tourism Minister Chris Tremain had no such problem. 

“I’m not sure why David can’t quite figure out why you’re called the sexy chef. I don’t have that confusion,” he quipped in his speech. 

Quinn seems as impressed with Queenstown as male admirers are with her. 

The social media star – she has a million Facebook friends and almost 250,000 Twitter followers – says the views on the drive into central Queenstown from the airport are amazing. 

“It looks just like a painting to me.” 

Quinn, who arrived Tuesday, says she’d heard of NZ but not Queenstown and thinks her countryfolk will embrace the town’s many adventure tourism activities. 

“Myself, I would never do something like that in Indonesia because the first-aid response is not very good – the ambulance will not be able to pass by because of the traffic jams. 

“But once you’re out of the country there are things available like bungy jumping and horse riding – I think Indonesians are keen to try those outside their own country.” 

Quinn, visiting with her five-year-old son, believes the outdoor environment here will also be a major drawcard. 

“In Indonesia you can’t really do that – it’s so polluted, the city is so cramped, there are no parks anywhere so 
bringing your kids to this kind of environment is amazing.”