Settle down maaate


Police to Australian larrikins – enjoy Queenstown’s charms but leave the drunken nonsense at home. 

Queenstown police had their hands full dealing with a large number of intoxicated Australian visitors on Monday night.
It started with a student who re-entered The World Bar after being asked to leave by security. 

Sergeant Keith Newell says police were called and the man resisted and struggled when arrested. Police charged him with disorderly behaviour and resisting arrest. 

Shortly after at 1.55am three other Australian students were seen “running amuck – yelling and screaming and abusing staff” at McDonald’s on Camp Street, Newell says. 

The 20-year-olds were drunk and arrested for disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence. 

At 3.45am, an intoxicated Australian, 21, was found in the kitchen at Rydges Hotel. The man, arrested for trespass, was not staying. 

“He told police he had no idea where he was or how he got there,” Newell says. 

“We like our Aussie friends to enjoy the charms in Queenstown but they can leave the boozy antics at home.” 

Sorry for public peeing 

A man was observed urinating on the Shotover Canyon Swing shop window on Shotover St last Thursday morning.
Queenstown constable Craig Gibson says the 23-year-old from Te Awamutu was very apologetic and copped a pre-charge warning. 

A man who flagged down police for help last Sunday morning started being “abusive and obnoxious” toward officers, Newell says. 

The 22-year-old from Gore was arrested for breach of the peace. 

“He apologised when he sobered up and we released him with no charges,” Newell says. 

A 19-year-old from Dunedin was found asleep in a pool of vomit on Saturday night in the CBD, Newell says. He was 
unable to walk or talk and was taken back to Queenstown Police Station to sober up. 

It’s a touchy subject 

An American man started a fight inside Winnies Gourmet Pizza Bar after he took offence to comments about the 9/11 terrorism attacks, Newell says. The 23-year-old was told to leave the bar at 12.30am and arrested by police for 
disorderly behaviour. 

A Frankton man became aggressive when refused service last Saturday at Winter Festival’s Thriller in the Chiller charity boxing match, Newell says. The 27-year-old was removed by police but tried to enter the venue again. He was arrested for trespass. 

Noisy buskers 

Police were called in to deal with two drunk and rowdy buskers making a racket in downtown Queenstown last Thursday night. 

The pair, aged 21 and 50, were visiting from Dunedin and playing an electric guitar with an amplifier on the corner of Rees and Beach streets, sergeant Steve Watt says. 

Queenstown Lakes District Council contractors issued an abatement notice but police were called “to coax some sense into them” due to their high levels of intoxication, Watt says. 

“The sound that was coming out was not music. It could only be described as noise.” 

Boozy burnouts 

A local Indian man was challenged by a friend to do burnouts outside Queenstown McDonald’s on Monday night, sergeant Keith Newell says. 

When stopped by police at 11.30pm, the 22-year-old blew 655 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath. He was charged with sustained loss of traction and his vehicle was impounded. 

An Arrowtown man, 48, was arrested for drink-driving after being stopped on Frankton Road at 2am last Friday. 

He blew an excess-breath alcohol reading of 482 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath.