Seeking new events tsar


Winter Festival director Simon Green (right) is stepping down as Destination Queenstown seeks candidates for a wider events role. 

DQ is advertising from today for a Winter Festival and events manager. 

The manager will not only oversee the long-running festival but will also aim to attract new events, in line with DQ’s business plan. 

Through the current Shaping Our Future public forums, Queenstown Lakes District Council is driving a long-term events strategy. 

Forum spokesman David Kennedy says it’s hoped the centralised events coordinator will help out-of-town or new promoters coming to Queenstown. 

“There’s a free market out there – if you want to start a tourism activity you can, if you want to start an event, you can. Because of the nature of that it’s better if a destination has more structure and strategy to it.” 

Green – who’s just finished organising his record sixth Winter Festival – says he’s still keen to help deliver and manage the event. 

“But I also want to pursue more entertainment opportunities,” he says. 

Green, 39 – who ran four festivals till 2007 then organised the past two – says the new structure will help ensure WinterFest is resourced properly. 

His contract with DQ finishes at the end of next month. 

Applications for the new role close on July 29.