See you and good riddance, Mayor Geddes online poll


Queenstown mayor Clive Geddes is putting no stock in an online poll result that indicates many residents won’t miss him when his term is up.

This past week’s online poll – likely to be highly unscientific – asked: “Will you miss having Clive Geddes as Queenstown mayor when he finishes up his third mayoral term next month?”

A clear majority – 68 per cent or 36 voters – say they won’t pine for the resort’s long-serving mayor when he leaves office.

Just 32 per cent – or 17 voters – indicated they’d miss Geddes once his time was up. In Geddes’ defence, it’s probably not a bad result for him really, given he’s served nine years straight. The electorate is probably suffering a bit of third-term syndrome – time for a change and all that.

Geddes who has chosen not to stand for a fourth term declined to comment on the poll, saying it was an unscientific survey and needed to be treated as such.

Three candidates are in the running to claim the vacated mayoral seat.

Current councillor Vanessa van Uden, real estate agent Simon Hayes and roading inspector Michael Scott have put their hands up to be next in line.

Voting for the local body election closes on October 9.

The poll’s margin of error is unknown – but likely to be on the large side.