Second Queenstown sewage shocker prompts inspection


Queenstown sewers will be inspected using video cameras after a second raw sewage leak.

Solid waste and water overflowed onto Athol Street and the KFC drive-through at 8.50pm last night after paving stones caused a blockage.

Up to 500 litres of the wastewater reached Lake Wakatipu via Horne Creek at the southern end of Queenstown bay.

Last Tuesday, 5000 litres of wastewater discharged into the lake at the same point after a sewer pipe blocked in a different location.

Staff from Veolia Water removed paving stones wedged in the pipe at two locations last night. They then water-blasted the system to ensure it was clear.

Council’s infrastructure general manager Erik Barnes says it’s unlikely to two incidents are related.

“I don’t want to speculate on how the pavers ended up in the pipes,” Barnes says.

“We have arranged for a full inspection of the system under the CBD to check whether there is any other debris that could cause us problems.”

The affected areas around Athol St, Horne Creek and the lake foreshore were all disinfected last night.

Water samples were taken last night and this morning.

Last week’s spill was caused by construction debris in sewer pipes in a different location.