Scoopy’s a Scene machine


Thirty years ago on Thursday, a young man walked into the Mountain Scene offices ready for action.

It was 1985 and Philip Chandler was embarking on his first full-time journalism gig.

The rakish cub reporter’s interests were listed in the paper as “politics, sport, TV and, though it doesn’t show,

He arrived as pretty much a teetotaller from Christchurch and was yet to discover his love for Speight’s and Queenstown’s nightlife.

Or earn his famous nickname.

Scoop, as we now know him, quickly established himself in the resort and his chosen field.

Three decades on that passion burns brightly.

Long-time colleague Frank Marvin was called to give a second opinion before former editor Denise French confirmed Scoop’s appointment.

All of the attributes that landed him the job are still there, Marvin says.

“It was his first real job and I can’t in all honesty think of anybody who has been through the hallowed halls of Mountain Scene who has been such a diligent performer, just consistently, week after week, year after year.

“His enthusiasm is still there, he’s got the best work ethic I’ve ever known, he’s a very, very fair chap and, of course, he’s got an elephantine-like memory.”

So, Scoopy, on behalf of Allied Press and the wider Queenstown community, happy 30th anniversary -
and here’s to 30 more.