Schoolkids’ kitchen rules


Queenstown Primary kids have been cooking up their own conventions with a unique take on hit Aussie TV show My Kitchen Rules. 

Four Year 7 classes last week fed and entertained their parents during an end-of-term display of their classroom learning. 

The school’s own “My Kitchen Rules” isn’t exactly the same as the TV series, but 11- and 12-year-olds have set their own learning agenda as part of “enquiry”-based education. The kids have spent the past term learning about cultures, traditions, dress, religion, dance and food of a country or period of their choice. 

Leading up to last week’s dinner, pupils – with the help of teachers – researched their country, planned recipes, learned how to budget for their food and taught themselves traditional dances. 

“We integrate it into other areas of the curriculum … leading up to a celebration of learning,” Year 7 and 8 team leader Justine Lock says. 

“It’s about making everyone aware and valuing different cultures in our community.” 

Over four nights, parents were treated to three-course meals and entertainment from ancient Greece, Thailand, Korea and 1950s America. 

The school’s media room was transformed into a makeshift kitchen and local businesses GasCo, Rinnai, Escea, Mico Wakefield, Cory’s Electrical, Plumbing World, Contact Energy, SPK and Just Build Construction provided gear to prepare and cook the food. 

“This whole thing would not have happened without the support of our wider community,” Lock says.