School mulls fan plan offers


Wakatipu High is weighing up an offer to supply extractor fans for its poorly ventilated arts department. 

Principal Lyn Cooper says the school has received “offers” of equipment and it’ll need to look at those.

“People who are prepared to give us some,” Cooper says. 

“When you’re short of money you have to prioritise but when you’re given an offer of equipment you have to relook at it.” 

Cooper says before any decision is made, “we have to ascertain whether there’s a need”. 

The offers have emerged following a Mountain Scene story two weeks ago highlighting a push for extractor fans by teacher in charge of art Leslie Koehn. 

An art department report contained in minutes from the Wakatipu High board of trustees meeting on December 2 states “ventilation is a big issue … students often use thinners and solvents for transferring images. Students have been working on the balcony at times, but this is not suitable”. 

Students told Mountain Scene they got “light-headed” at times and pupils sometimes had to leave the room, whilst another said it was “nothing major”. 

Cooper said at the time modifications had to be done to ensure health and safety, and fans would mean students wouldn’t have to go outside.