School board blasts MoE for stalling’ over roll changes


Remarkables Primary remains in limbo over its roll change debacle following the latest “stalling” tactics by the Ministry of Education. 

In a letter issued to parents last night (Monday), the school board reveals that at the eleventh hour, the MoE responded to the school’s feedback on the Ministry’s controversial order to decrease the zone. 

The MoE yesterday said it’s “unable” to approve the proposed new home zone due to “inconsistencies” with the board’s amendments, according to the letter. 

The MoE also wants the zone change to take effect from the start of term one next year, instead of term two.
The proposed new home zone includes: 

• The south side of Frankton Road from Shotover Bridge to Kawarau Rd
• All streets accessed from McBride St and Yewlett Crescent
• Frankton
• Kelvin Heights and south to Wye Creek, including Jacks Point.

Family-friendly Lake Hayes Estate, Quail Rise, Tucker Beach, Marina Heights and the northern side of Frankton Rd would become out of the zone. 

The current school roll is 353 – 222 of who will live outside the proposed new zone. They will still be able to attend the school as they’ll be placed on the amended home zone roll. 

“This latest communication still doesn’t provide us with any firm answers and while we’re on hold we can’t plan 2012 staffing, future school organisation and ongoing strategic development until decisions and support infrastructures are put in place,” board chairman John Stalker says. 

“We’re frustrated and very disappointed that the MoE continues to stall on making a full and final decision, and leave it until now to tell us there are ‘inconsistencies’ with our proposed amendments when they have known about it for months.” 

The MoE now wants the board to respond again by October 14 – in the school holidays. 

“That means it will be some time into term four before we get a full and final decision and parents who are waiting to hear if their children are ‘in’ or ‘out’ will still be on tenterhooks.” 

The MoE’s latest letter also says that school current “transitional” bus transport arrangements to and from Lake Hayes are due to cease at the end of the year. 

“The letter says they are looking at transport options from the affected areas to Queenstown Primary, but what about the Remarkables Primary students who will be coming here?” Stalker adds.