Save me a piece of Kate’s cake, bro


A Queenstown hairdresser will be glued to the TV for a glimpse of her brother when Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot. 

Alison Whitfield’s brother and his wife got an invite to London’s Westminster Abbey for tomorrow’s royal wedding extravaganza since they both served in the same Royal Air Force unit as William in North Wales. 

“They’re wearing their blue uniforms, so that’s saved them from buying anything, so they’re stoked,” she says. 

Whitfield, who arrived in the resort six weeks ago for a winter season, says she hasn’t had a chance to speak to her brother about the honour, but her parents are “chuffed” he’s attending. She won’t be the only one in the Wakatipu switching on to the royal wedding fanfare, starting here late on Friday night. 

Linley Hunt, a local who met Queen Elizabeth in Invercargill during her 1963 New Zealand tour, will also be watching the ceremony unfold and has even planned a party the following weekend to mark the occasion. 

Hunt and about eight other women are getting glammed up in “evening frocks and tiaras and having champagne” while their husbands hunt ducks next weekend – just like she did “when Diana and Prince Charles were married years ago”.