Running through the pain


A first-time marathon runner who’s prepping for the big race won’t even let a nasty knee injury get in the way of her fundraising efforts.

Sunshine Bay local Rebecca Conway, 28, has set herself one of the biggest challenges of her life by planning to run the Queenstown International Marathon on Saturday.

Having never run long distances before, Conway’s been training hard for the past four months to get race-ready. But she sustained an ‘iliotibial band syndrome’ injury, also known as runner’s knee, on her last long run about three weeks ago.

“I’m in a lot of pain, so it’s going to be tough,” she says.

“I haven’t really been running in the last week or two because it’s risky with the injury.”

Conway says one of the toughest parts of training for the marathon’s dedicating so much time to running while working and studying.

The community support and mental health worker’s been preparing for the 42km race by adding 4kms to her runs at a time to build up stamina, and following a London Marathon training programme.

Her physio’s told her if she wants to get into running long-term then she probably shouldn’t take part in the race. But Conway’s determined to give it her best shot.

“I would rather turn up on the day and see how far I get, rather than not do it at all.”

Conway’s raising money for Queenstown’s Happiness House community support centre.