Rudeness on the road


A man who made a rude gesture to police was pulled over and ended up failing a drink-driving test. 

Constable Sean Drader says a 23-year-old chef from Christchurch was stopped and done for drink-driving after flicking the finger several times at a passing cop car. The incident was at 4.30am on Tuesday last week. 

“When breath-tested, the guy blew 760 micrograms,” Drader says. “It was karma in action.” 

About noon this Tuesday, an unemployed female talent scout, 44, from Australia but living in the resort, was arrested for driving while disqualified in central Queenstown. 

A 34-year-old Queenstown man was charged with unlawfully interfering with a motorbike and being unlawfully in an enclosed yard in Frankton Road at 6.10pm last Saturday. 

Things got worse for the alleged offender when it was discovered he also had an outstanding warrant for drink-driving in Auckland. 

“He’d been on the booze and not exactly keeping a low profile,” Drader observes. 

Hotel hassles 

Police are looking for a thug who threw a concrete fire hydrant sign at a fire exit door and broke the glass at Queenstown’s Heartland Hotel at 4.20am last Sunday. 

“The person who called us had dealings with the offender earlier in the evening and said the offender is called Julian, is tall, has a thick Aussie accent and a short, No1 haircut. 

“Apparently he’s been staying in Queenstown for the past few weeks.” 

Also, in the early hours of last Friday, an iPod, two Nokia cellphones, a Telecom phone, a black purse and cash were taken during a burglary at Queenstown Resort College hostel. 

Burglar bites back 

A 19-year-old Queenstown student was bitten on the arm by a burglar when he was woken by the intruder at 2am last Sunday. 

The victim, from Fernhill, confronted the housebreaker – who sunk his teeth into his upper arm during a tussle and managed to escape before police arrived. 

Cops are looking for a male in his mid-20s with a moustache and who speaks with an Hispanic accent.


Boots go walkies 

Queenstown police want to hear from anyone who may have seen these distinctive ski boots – nicked from a residential garage in Edinburgh Drive during a burglary last Friday night. 

As well as the Nordica One boots, a pair of red 195cm-long Atomic skis was also taken.