Rough justice’ down bar stairs


A lawyer says justice was done when his client was allegedly thrown down stairs after punching a Queenstown bouncer.

Sergeant Grant Gerken told Queenstown District Court on Monday this week how at Bar Up on July 14, Jamarl Kane Hansen, 37, had been drinking before falling asleep.

The Queenstown company director was woken by security staff and told to leave, but refused stating he had to find his jacket.

After locating his jacket he punched a security staffer once to the face, resulting in a two centimetre cut to the left cheek.

Hansen was restrained and arrested by police.

Defence counsel Mike Newell said Hansen was taken from the bar and “thrown down stairs”, causing an injury to his shoulder, meaning he’d be off work for two weeks.

“To some extent justice has been metered out,” Newell said.

Judge Turner dished out a $300 fine to Hansen, who admitted assault, and that $250 be paid for emotional harm.

Judge dishes out warning

A judge has warned a Queenstown teen about the effects of synthetic cannabis after a home incident with a knife.

Judge Turner dished out the warning to local kitchen hand Cameron John Allan Black, 18, after Black admitted possession of an offensive weapon, namely a knife, in Queenstown on June 28.

Prosecuting sergeant Grant Gerken told Queenstown District Court on Monday Black, who lived with his parents, was at home with his father when an argument started.

Black pulled a knife out and approached his father, who backed up and grabbed a chair for protection.

The defendant then turned around and stabbed the knife into a magazine on the bench, Gerken said.

Black told Judge Turner he didn’t smoke synthetic cannabis K2, but following a stand-down report, probation services felt he was not ready for a sentence of supervision.

Black believed because synthetic cannabis was legal it was “not a problem”.

Judge Turner said if synthetic cannabis products were no longer available for sale “that would be the best thing that ever happened”.

“People on K2 behave in ways that they wouldn’t otherwise behave. They become violent, unpredictable, explosive … the mere fact it’s been legal doesn’t mean to say [anyone] should take it.”

On the offensive weapon charge and an unrelated charge of receiving booze, valued at $80, knowing it was obtained by crime and being unlawfully in the Sofitel hotel between March 5 and 6, Black was sentenced to 150 hours of community work.

Judge Turner gave his authorisation to convert the hours to training and ordered $80 reparation be paid within a week.

Punched while sleeping

A man who attacked his sleeping flatmate must pay $500 to the victim after admitting assault.

Sergeant Gerken told Queenstown District Court that Gavin Iaian Foster, 27, had been drinking with friends on June 29 when he encountered flatmate Shaun O’Donnell and “words were exchanged”.

About 3am, O’Donnell was in bed asleep when Foster – a chef from the United Kingdom – entered his bedroom and began to punch him in the face and head, causing bruising and swelling to his face.

Judge Turner fined Foster $500 and ordered he pay an extra $500 to O’Donnell for emotional harm.

Punch, bite in bar assault

A Fernhill resident who allegedy punched and bit a bouncer is awaiting sentence for two assault charges.

Sergeant Gerken said Alexander James Hibbert had been drinking at Ballarat in The Mall with pals at 1.15am on July 14.

After a short time staff noticed he was intoxicated and he was asked to leave by Peter Mitchell, working as security.

Hibbert responded by punching Mitchell in the face and side of the head, before being restrained and escorted from the premises, Gerken told the court.

Hibbert was released and told to go home but instead he attempted to punch Daniel Hughes, the Ballarat duty manager, several times, the court heard.

Hibbert was again restrained by the bouncer Mitchell who Gerken says Hibbert bit on the arm.

Judge Turner remanded Hibbert till August 12 for sentencing.

Benefit fraud gets community work

A Queenstown benefit fraudster managed to rack up $23,000 in welfare payments while working.

Steven Peter Davis, 43, who admitted six charges of benefit fraud in total, continued to receive welfare payments despite starting work for Skyline Enterprises late in 2010.

Davis admitted wilfully omitting to reveal he was working at Skyline and he continued receiving benefits from September 28, 2010 till March 12, 2012. Davis also admitted dishonestly and without right using a Work and Income Review Form with intent to obtain pecuniary advantage on or about April 21, 2011; and dishonestly and without right using a Temporary Additional Support Re-Application to obtain a pecuniary advantage on or about November 23, 2010, May 23, 2011, November 10, 2011 and also on February 14, 2012.

In Queenstown District Court on Monday, Judge Turner said Davis, who admitted the offending on June 4, had been on a benefit since 2008.

In his application for a benefit and applications for renewals, both of which required him to disclose whether there’d been any change in his circumstances, he failed to.

During that time he was overpaid about $23,000.

The court heard Davis had spent about 20 years of his life in gangs, but removed himself from that in 2005 and moved to Queenstown for a fresh start.

As a result of his offending Davis had lost his job, but Judge Turner said he hoped Davis would “soon re-enter the workforce” as he’d shown he could be a “productive and useful member of the community”.

“What you have done is stolen from every taxpayer in New Zealand. The offending was over a period of time, but you are willing to pay reparation.”

Judge Turner remitted $682.47 in fines and on all charges sentenced Davis to two months’ home detention.

Davis was also sentenced to 150 hours’ community work, with authorisation to convert hours into training.

Other convictions

Justine Elise Budd, 17, of Queenstown, drink-driving, 629mcg, Dublin St, June 22. Budd was given 60 hours community work and disqualified for six months.

Adrienne Jane Langford, 27, nurse, of Queenstown, drink-driving, 903mcg, Dublin St, June 29. Langford was fined $900 and disqualified for eight months.

Luke Anthony Wilson, 28, chef, of Queenstown, drink-driving, 841mcg, Edinburgh Drive, June 29. Wilson was fined $840 and disqualified for seven months.

Cedric Pierre Abbadini, 25, a food industry worker, of Queenstown, drink-driving, 597mcg, Robins Road, July 4. Abbadini was fined $590 and disqualified for six months.

Troy Lindsay Murdoch, 22, scaffolder, of Frankton, June 23, assaulted Anna Harvey, at Queenstown. Murdoch was fined $400.

Daniel William Bicknel, 31, plasterer, of Queenstown, resisted police officer Dave Felstead on June 1 at Queenstown. Bicknel was fined $350.

Rory Paul McKay, 35, of no fixed abode, disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence, The Mall, June 1. McKay was given 10 days’ imprisonment.

Benjamin Levi Davies, 24, of Queenstown, was convicted of being found without reasonable excuse in a building at Beetham St on June 22. Davies was given 50 hours of community work.

Jake Nelson, 21, a draughtsman, from Australia, was convicted of wilful damage of a Winnies bar door on July 13. Nelson was fined $300 and also ordered to pay reparation of $315.