Romanian top taken


A second Rugby World Cup team has been the victim of a sneak-thief while visiting Queenstown. 

It was reported in Crime Stoppers last week that an opportunist nicked four padded training tops from the Ireland squad while they were here at the beginning of the month. 

The jerseys were taken from a storage container on the practice grounds at the Events Centre. 

This week, police say a Romanian RWC player’s hoody like this one (right) was stolen at the Queenstown Gym on September 13. 

“These hoodies are very distinctive and are not for sale in New Zealand,” senior constable Sean Drader says. 

“We’d like to hear from anyone who may have seen someone wearing it.” 

Motoring madness 

A 25-year-old woman was charged with careless driving after colliding with another vehicle on Frankton Road at about 1pm last Friday. 

“At the time, she was allegedly using her phone to read an email,” Drader says. 

On Monday, a 23-year-old Lake Hayes Estate man was arrested for an alleged motoring offence at Industrial Place. 

“The driver was apparently doing burnouts and drifting,” Drader says. 

“He was charged with sustained loss of traction while in a vehicle.” 

Also on Monday, a large concrete block fell off a vehicle and crashed through a garden fence near the entrance of  Lake Hayes Estate. 

As a result, a 21-year-old driver from Cromwell was given an infringement offence notice for having an insecure load. 

At 2.40am on Monday, an unmanned van rolled down a hill and hit a car and fence before coming to a stop at a car port in Man Street. 

“Apparently the vehicle had been parked but the handbrake was off,” Drader says. 

Elsewhere, a 25-year-old Queens­town man was done for drink-driving after being stopped on Lake Esplanade at 4am last Saturday. 

Oh no you don’t 

A 25-year old unemployed Kiwi backpacker was arrested and given a pre-charge warning after allegedly flicking the finger at a passing police patrol car in town last weekend. 

“He then jumped over a fence and tried to hide in the bushes of a nearby property,” Drader comments.
Rivers of gold 

An international stream of piddlers turned Queenstown streets into an al fresco urinal over the past week. 

A number of men from Australia, New Zealand and France were arrested for offensive behaviour after being caught relieving themselves in doorways and on shop windows. 

At 9.55pm on Tuesday, a boozed Austrian man, 24, went one step further when he was seen peeing in the driveway of the police station. 

“It makes your work so much easier when the customers come to you,” Drader observes. 

Unwelcome guests 

Four freeloaders were forced to stump up for their stay after being located in a room at Base backpackers last Sunday morning. 

Other guests had complained that the unwelcome quartet had gate-crashed their eight-bed dorm. 

“Three of the culprits had walked out and refused to pay when challenged by staff but one was still passed out on a bed,” Drader says. 

“They got half their plan right.” 

Drader adds: “When the offender was woken by police he was very embarrassed and paid up in full before being kicked into touch.”