Roadworkers on edge


Queenstown cops warn drivers to be more careful near roadworks around the resort – before there’s a serious accident. 

“We’ve had a lot of complaints from people working on sites at Arthurs Point (above), Arrow Junction and the Crown Range Road who fear they’re being endangered by motorists not observing temporary speed limit signs,” sergeant Brian Cameron says. 

“Some drivers are going way too fast and some road workers are getting hit by stones and chips thrown up by tyres. 

“We’re taking these complaints very seriously and if this carries on, it’s only a matter of time until someone is badly hurt,” Cameron says. 

“The speed limit signs are clearly visible and they are there for a good reason. There’s no excuse for people speeding at roadworks.” 

Potty antics 

A 19-year-old Canterbury man was busted for offensive behaviour after piddling on a shop window in The Mall at 2.40am last Saturday. 

“Perhaps potty training is an issue for some of the people who drink in Queenstown,” Cameron observes.
An hour later, two local males, aged 19 and 21, were done for disorderly behaviour after being abusive and damaging a sign in Cow Lane. One of the men was also charged with intentional damage. Cameron says alcohol was a factor: “I’m afraid the same kinds of idiots continue to do the same stupid things here every week – it’s almost depressing.” 

Just before midnight the same evening, a 19-year-old Queenstown man was taken to the police station for detox after being found lying drunk in Beach Street. 

“He was unresponsive and incapable of telling us who he was or where he was from,” Cameron adds. 

Lights on, but nobody home 

A 19-year-old Te Anau man was done for drink-driving at 9pm last Friday when a company car on State Highway 6 near Frankton. 

“He came to the attention of the police after being spotted on the road with no headlights on,” Cameron says. “A blood sample was taken and the man also had his licence suspended for three months on other driving matters.”