Road less travelled

Monty Bevins

Monty Bevins’ lifestyle has opened him up to “song-writing gold” over the past few years.

The constantly-travelling musician plays Queenstown’s The Sherwood alongside Daniel Champagne tomorrow night.

For the past five years Bevins, whose real Christian name is Andrew, has had no fixed abode — and it’s been smooth sailing.

“I have a life at the moment that I wouldn’t trade for anything else.”

Being able to travel through New Zealand and stay in different places for short periods of time has allowed him to be “open and available” to meet new people and be part of different communities, he says.

“It’s nice to just have a little more time and go a little more in-depth with people’s stories.

“There’s a lot of song-writing gold in that, as well as just feeling part of a community, even for a little while.”

Bevins released a new single just last week called Lovers Again.

It’s about a couple he met who were struggling to downsize their family home, full of memories with their children who’d since flown the nest.

He classes his storytelling style of music as soul-folk.

During his set tomorrow it’ll be mostly original music, although he might find room for one “little tasteful cover”.

When it comes to what’s next for the singer-songwriter, he’s pretty content with his life at the moment.

“I’m living my current dream.

“I think I just want to always be hungry for refining and improving, that’s about as aspirational as I get.”

This’ll be Bevins’ first time playing The Sherwood, though he’s spent a bit of time performing in the resort.

He reckons his favourite place is along the waterfront and up into the Queenstown Gardens.

And Monty is not just a stage name — it’s a nickname that’s been running for a long time.

“When I was 14 I was playing cricket and someone said I looked like Montgomery Burns off The Simpsons, and I was nicknamed Monty after that and it was one of those ones that stuck.”

“Only my mum, my grandma and my sister-in-law call me Andrew now.”

To catch Monty Bevins and Daniel Champagne head along to The Sherwood tomorrow, 8pm, R18, tickets available on Eventfinda, $14.