Riders cool on Queenstown bike pass hike


Keen mountain bikers appear unlikely to be put off by a $70 jump in the Queenstown Bike Park season pass.

Skyline Enterprises this month announced it’s raising the adult season pass for its gondola-assisted bike lift from $629 to $699. The season runs September 26 till May 4.

Queenstown Mountain Bike Club secretary Brendhan Callaghan says plenty are disappointed about the rise but he believes most riders will still cough up.

“I think they’ll be very disappointed if it goes up any higher. I guess it’s [Skyline’s] business and it’s their right to make money off it.

“It’s certainly a hell of a lot better than there being no gondola access at all.”

Callaghan says the club’s still talking to Skyline about a possible season pass discount for members – last season they were offered a 10 per cent discount.

Local mountain biker James Allan says he doesn’t have a problem with the price rise: “The people that really enjoy it are going to pay but definitely a few people aren’t very happy.”

Keen local rider Dave Zee says: “Of course I’d rather not spend more money but at the end of the day it’s that good for the town and that good for me that I’d pay up to double what they’re asking now, so I think it’s a great deal still.”

Skyline has announced a new $249 season pass for Wakatipu High students – and it’s adding a new trail.