A tour guide at Arrowtown’s Millbrook Resort’s joining rarefied company with his new wine education qualification.

Henry de Salengre (above), 33, has passed the world-recognised Wine & Spirit Education Trust Level 4 diploma.

Of six locals registered on the course, he was the only one to pass, and joins only 10,000 or so who’ve attained the qualification worldwide since the ’60s.

The diploma, coming after Levels 1 to 3, comprises six modules and is meant to take two  years, though this took longer due to Covid.

‘‘It’s unlocked the key to residency for me here in New Zealand, so I’m very happy it’s come to fruition,’’ says De Salengre, who hails from England and has worked in bars and restaurants since the age of 15.

At Millbrook he takes guests for wine tastings and also escorts them on private wine tours  to local cellar doors.

Being part of one of humanity’s older industries ‘‘really excites me’’, he says, along with helping grow the local wine industry through imparting knowledge.