Resort teen Beehive-bound


A Queenstown teen is ready to swap school for the Beehive after being named Youth MP for Clutha-Southland.

Tristan Taquet, 16, is excited about tackling the role, which’ll see him attend select committees and debate issues at Parliament.

He reckons it’ll be a “great experience”.

“I thought it was a great leadership opportunity, I liked the idea of representing the youth of Clutha-Southland.”

The Wakatipu High School Year 11 pupil’s been picked by MP Hamish Walker to represent him in Parliament next July, debating issues with other Youth MPs from throughout New Zealand.

He’s not amping for a career in politics at this stage, saying he’s got a keen interest in business.

But, he says, never say never.

Walker says the calibre of entries for the role was “incredibly high”.

He believes Taquet will bring a “strong presence” to the role.

“He is involved heavily in his community and has a passion for doing what he can for others, a core value of what is needed in a Member of Parliament.”

During his time at the Beehive, Taquet will debate issues in select committees and attend caucus.

“I’m sure he will enjoy his time and the experience and offer a strong voice for the youth of Clutha-Southland on a range of issues,” Walker says.