Resort drivers deflated


It’s an epidemic.

Well, that might be a stretch, but Queenstown motorists could be forgiven for feeling a little deflated thanks to untidy tradies.

Beaurepaires Tyre and Battery Shop manager Leonardo Manfredi says he’s constantly seeing cars with tyre punctures because of screws and other debris left on the road from construction sites in the resort.

“It’s very common,” he says. “There’s a lot of building sites around Queenstown at the moment, they have to clean up the streets better, for sure.”

In a recent week, which he describes as “pretty quiet”, five people came into the shop with punctures from building debris, he says.

The week before, it was 10. “For us it’s good, we’re pretty happy,” he laughs.

Council spokesman Jack Barlow says: “Ultimately it is the responsibility of the individual developer or construction company to manage their site and ensure they are not at risk of causing damage or harm to themselves or others around their construction sites.

“This includes cleaning up materials and waste.”