Rental car contract torn up after driving complaint


A Chinese tourist had her rental car contract torn up and rewritten by a rental company after she was pulled over by police for alleged dangerous driving near Queenstown yesterday.

Southern District Command Centre deployment co-ordinator senior sergeant Brian Benn, of Dunedin, says a member of the public alerted police to a car seen swerving over the centre line multiple times on the Crown Range about 4pm yesterday.

Police intercepted the vehicle near Queenstown and the rental car company was contacted by police to assess if the car should be taken off the driver, or the driver be allowed to continue.

A representative from the company’s Queenstown office was sent to the roadside scene, he says.

“They changed the contract on the vehicle so the person who was driving badly was written out of the contract.

“There was another person in the car that could drive.

“They did a roadside driving skills test, and they [the rental company] ascertained this person was a competent driver. He took over the driving.”

Benn declined to name the rental car company, but praised it for its response to the situation.

“The rental company came up with a pretty practical solution, I think.

“It was a good resolution,” he says.

The driver was given an infringement notice by police and forbidden by the rental car company to drive the vehicle.

– Otago Daily Times