Remarkable ring find

Lost and found: Julian and Sarah Fuchs

A Queenstown hubby has miraculously found his lost wedding ring on the Remarkables mountains using a borrowed metal detector.

Julian Fuchs calls the search a needle-in-a-haystack mission – but it was more a case of a ring-under-a-tussock, ironically at one of the backdrops for the blockbuster movie The Lord of the Rings

Fuchs, an electrician, of Arthurs Point, only realised he’d lost the ring while he, Aussie wife Sarah and three-year-old Souleah were packing up after a family photo-shoot on the Remarkables last month.

An initial rummage through tussock, gravel and rock in three different locations revealed nothing so he borrowed a metal detector from a neighbour a few days later.

Julian: “I got it into my head and was convinced I would be able to find it somehow.”

After 10 minutes of “random zig-zags” he started a full-on grid search for the tungsten carbide and carbon graphite inlay band.

He found bullet shells, beer bottle tops, screws and nails but no ring.

He was giving up hope but decided to try the third location one last time.

“It was literally the last sweep and it was only a half-hearted look.

“There it was.

“The heart rate went up a few notches and it was a surprise and relief.”

He adds: “It was almost ironic because I must have lost it in the last 30 seconds of the shoot and found it the last 40 seconds before I gave up.”

He then surprised Sarah, whom he married in 2012, by nestling the ring among his metal detection haul.

Sarah, a pilates instructor, is stoked – but not surprised her hubby lost the ring.

“He is renowned for losing everything and it is always kind of semi-valuable stuff. A typical guy – losing his wallet or keys. I was really surprised and happy he was that motivated to go and get it.”

The couple, who have only lived in Queenstown for six months, say while the wedding band is sentimental it could have been replaced.

But considering the amazing circumstances, nothing can stifle Julian’s astonishment.

“It was an amazing feeling finding it, it has a special meaning.”