Red Bull gives you dings coach driver


A Queenstown tour coach driver fears tyre marks on the Crown Range road will encourage other motorists to drive dangerously. 

Norm Dolamore is fuming that tyre marks left by drift racing car driver Kiwi “Mad Mike” Whiddett on April 3 are still on the road. 

Whiddett spent a day tearing up the Crown Range in front of cameras for a promotion by energy drink company Red Bull. 

Queenstown Lakes District Council gave consent for the road to be closed for regular intervals at certain times of the day. 

Dolamore has complained to the council because he doesn’t think it’s a good look. 

“Quite frankly, it’s going to give encouragement to people to go up and try to do exactly the same lines that they’ve done,” he says. 

“When you’ve got drift marks on the wrong side of the road, to me that’s saying ‘it’s ok’. 

“I don’t think the QLDC needs this type of advertising over the highest main road in the country.”
Queenstown council spokeswoman Meaghan Miller says Red Bull didn’t pay to use the Crown Range road and there was no damage done to it. 

The rubber will eventually fade, she adds. 

The filming also brings wider benefit to the region, Miller says. 

“The footage featured on the network news and separate sports programme to date – and
I understand the movie is earmarked for international release.”