Ray’s love affair with Queenstown

Ray Pike with the view from his Queenstown homeĀ 

A retired American couldn’t be happier being a part-time Queenstown resident. Ray Pike tells Philip Chandler what he loves about the resort, but also why he’s got concerns with the government’s foreign buyer ban

Few people can say they’ve stood up to United States President Donald Trump.

That’s the boast of part-time Queenstowner Ray Pike, when he was executive vice-president and top counsel for the largest gaming-related firm in the US.

Pike says his company helped finance Trump’s Atlantic City casino and loaned him gaming systems and equipment.

When Trump wouldn’t pay, “we were trying to bring our equipment out, and he came running down, screaming that we couldn’t do that”.

“And I was the one to tell him, ‘of course we could’, and that was going to continue unless we got a cheque.

“He came down with a cheque and never failed to pay us again.”

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