Rata’s open arms for MasterChef NZ’ reject


Young MasterChef New Zealand contestant Ella Krauts is Queenstown-bound to work for celebrity judge Josh Emett. 

The 20-year-old was eliminated from the final five during last Sunday’s episode of TV One’s hit reality show. 

Krauts’ departure came as a shock – she’d been in the top more than any other contestant in season four – but Emett provided a silver lining by offering her a job at his Queenstown restaurant Rata. 

Emett says Krauts, a food science student, is thrilled to have the opportunity to work for him. 

“We’ve been speaking over the last few months. She was in the middle of her studies when she took the MasterChef thing on so we thought the best idea was for her to go back and finish her studies,” Emett explains. 

“I said to her, ‘There’s going to be a job for you whenever, just give me a little bit of notice so I can create the right spot’. She’ll start in a junior position, where she needs to start, and start like anyone else would in my kitchen and have all the same opportunities.” 

Emett expects Krauts to join his kitchen later this year. 

“I decided earlier on if there’s one person I’d ever offer a job to, it’s her because she’s young, focused, ambitious, polite, has a good energy and is great with food,” he adds. 

“She’s a great girl so she deserves a good, easy run into the industry.”