Rally-round for reggae gig


The organiser of Queenstown’s annual ‘Reggae in the Park’ is stoked a fundraising appeal’s ensured Thursday’s Waitangi Day event will again go on.

Tyrone Morehu, aka ‘DJ Pops’, needed an extra $2500 this year to meet council security and rubbish management requirements, so launched an urgent Givealittle appeal.

Amazingly, that target was reached in only eight days.

“I did have faith in the community, but I didn’t think I would make that goal so quickly.”

Having organised the Queenstown Gardens event celebrating both reggae pioneer Bob Marley’s birthday and New Zealand’s national day – since 2000 – Morehu says he’s never had any issues.

“We’ve never marketed it as a party, that’s not what we want – we want it to be family and free.”

However he doesn’t begrudge the council wanting to up the ante, bearing in mind the liquor ban that’s gone on Crate Day, for example.

He’ll now employ four licensed security guards and also a rubbish team, while he’ll also deploy a mini-skip.

Morehu’s also grateful to council’s continued support – its $2000 contribution will help with extra portaloos.

With his enlarged budget, however, he can’t afford to pay bands this time.

“But I’ve got DJs from Melbourne, Wellington, Dunedin, travelling at their own cost just to come and play because they know how much of a fabulous day it is – and DJs from here and Wanaka.”