Quickfall back on board at Destination Queenstown


Destination Queenstown board chairman Mark Quickfall has reversed his decision to leave the role – in the short term at least.

Quickfall stepped down from his position at the regional tourism organisation last month before the annual board elections on September 26.

But when the new DQ board met for the first time yesterday (Wednesday), it unanimously passed a motion inviting him to be co-opted back on to the board as chairman.

“The DQ Board can choose to co-opt up to two registered members outside of the elected board,” a spokesman says.

“The board felt that inviting Mark to return as chair would provide stability and continuity for the organisation and continue its positive momentum.”

Quickfall accepted but will have support from other board members to lessen the workload.

“I always said on my departure that I would be as helpful in a transition as required and if they had selected a new chairman I would have been more than happy to support that person,” Quickfall says.

“But they’ve come back to me and said ‘look Mark, we’ve looked at our options and it would be great if you could come back into that role’.”

Quickfall has more than 30 years’ experience in the tourism industry and has served as chairman of the DQ board for two terms.

“DQ needs to think about succession for the future because I’ve got a few other things popping up, I’m a lot more involved at Skyline,” he says.

“That’s why I thought it was fair to signal I was getting busier.

“Credit to the board they’ve come back and said they’ll step up their level of input to remove some of the work because typically in any organisation the chair and the CEO probably carry the most activity.”