Queenstown’s flood-prone lake high but on the way down


Queenstown’s Lake Wakatipu remains high but has peaked.
The latest reading has the lake, which washes into downtown Queenstown Bay, sitting at 310.906 metres above sea-level. The reading is from an Otago Regional Council website and puts the lake level 1.5 centimetres lower than it was at 9am Friday morning when it sat at 310.921. 

It remains above the first flood warning level but well below the level that flooding takes place. 

A Queenstown Lakes District Council release says the weekend’s forecast is for fine weather, allowing more time for lake levels to return to normal. 

The Kelvin Peninsula Walkway is completely flooded in the area near the Kawerau Falls development but can be accessed in other places – although care is advised, QLDC’s statement says. 

“People using the tracks are advised to exercise common sense. The lakes have peaked and the fine weather of the next few days should see the flooded areas of track re-emerge. Repairs to track infrastructure will take place once the lake returns to normal,” it says. 

Lake level updates can be found at www.water.orc.govt.nz/WaterInfo/Default.aspx

Back in May, the lake peaked at 311.48 causing surface flooding downtown and sparking a full-scale sandbagging operation.