Queenstown’s Earnslaw steamer heading out of water for annual survey


Queenstown’s historic TSS Earnslaw steamship heads off to the Kelvin Heights slipway this week for her annual survey.

The 101-year-vessel finishes her latest season today (Sunday) and will be stripped down beside the Steamer Wharf tomorrow.

The Earnslaw heads for Kelvin Heights about 8am on Tuesday where the engine from the former Antrim steamship will drive the winch that will haul her up the slipway.

This year’s survey, which will take nine weeks, will focus on replacing two sections of the vessel’s hull plating, ribs and stringers.

“Maintenance and the preservation of the TSS Earnslaw remains a continuous focus for Real Journeys so she can be experienced for another 100 years on Lake Wakatipu,” company chief executive Richard Lauder says.

“She may take a bit more effort than your average catamaran to maintain but she’s certainly worth it.”

While the Earnslaw is out of the water, Real Journeys will use two original Fiordlander class vessels to take visitors to Walter Peak.