Queenstown’s council could withdraw from national body


Queenstown’s council is to review its membership of the local council’s club.

Councillors will be asked to consider whether the authority should continue with Local Government New Zealand, when they meet on Tuesday.

The organisation represents all councils in the country but subscription for the next year will cost more than $49,000 before GST.

Queenstown Lakes District Council also pays membership fees for SOLGM (Society of Local Government Managers), says mayor Vanessa van Uden’s report to full council.

“One obvious question that should be asked is why we have two organisations with two corporate structures servicing the one industry,” it reads.

“As well there are numerous other bodies which staff are members of such as IT, Property Managers etc.”

LGNZ prepared a business plan for 2013-14, which signals a move from a focus on policy development to offering more membership services, such as public and media communications, while still providing advocacy.

The report concludes: “The purpose of this is to give serious consideration to remaining a member of Local Government New Zealand or not.”