Queenstown’s bouncer-bashing gardener gets potted again


A 21-year-old Canadian awaiting sentencing for a serious assault has landed in more trouble with cops. 

Landscape gardener Jeffrey David Derwent pushed a bouncer off the balcony of the World Bar on October 13 after unleashing a barrage of punches on him. 

At Queenstown District Court last month, he pleaded guilty to the charge of injury under circumstances that if death had been caused he would have been guilty of manslaughter. 

Derwent was granted bail with a curfew and ordered not to buy or consume alcohol – but he was allegedly spotted drinking in another bar by his victim on November 10. 

“The offender was located at home for breaking his curfew, something he had already been warned for on a previous occasion,” senior constable Sean Drader says. 

Neighbours at war

A 20-year-old stonemason from Lake Hayes Estate was nicked after he allegedly went berserk in a neighbour’s house just before midnight last Friday. 

“It’s alleged that the offender turned up at the house next door uninvited for a few drinks and an argument started,” Drader says. 

“It’s said he insulted the occupants and punched two victims.” 

The man was charged with two assaults and also for speaking threateningly.

Trouble on home front

A 17-year-old local labourer has been arrested for allegedly breaking into his father’s house in Fernhill. 

The teen – who has been living away from home – was collared at 10pm on Monday after his dad called the cops. 

“It’s alleged the lad has burgled the house and trespassed there a few times,” Drader says. 

Meanwhile, a Goldfield Heights mum on a trip to Invercargill called Queenstown police to ask them to shut down a boozy party she believed her son was having at the family home. 

When cops arrived at the address just after midnight last Sunday, the 15-year-old lad was allegedly drunk and was taken to the station to sober up before being released to his parents the next day. 

“The boy was removed from the house and when detained he allegedly became very abusive towards police officers,” Drader comments. 

“Apparently he’d been warned not to have a party because his mum said she didn’t trust him.”

Beach bust

Two German students, aged 19 and 22, were charged with possessing cannabis and utensils last Saturday night. 

“They had been sleeping in their car at Tucker Beach Road when they were arrested,” Drader says. 

Car capers

Cops want to speak to anyone who witnessed the windscreen of a parked car being smashed at the corner of Ballarat and Hallenstein Streets at 1.15am last Saturday. 

“A concrete slab was thrown through the front window and the bonnet was scratched,” Drader says. “Four or five youngsters were seen running off in the direction of the CBD and we’d like to find out who they are.” 

Meanwhile, on Monday two Arrowtown men aged 20 and 23 were charged with making a false statement to police after one claimed his car had been stolen and damaged. 

“The vehicle had been rolled on to its roof in the Arrow River,” Drader observes. 

“The men later admitted they’d made false statements as to what had really happened to it.”