Queenstowner warns goat ‘kidnappers’


A Gorge Road property owner has stopped four young men ‘kidnapping’ wild goats before police arrived last Saturday night.

Mike Boyd says after being alerted by friends he accosted the men and said: “You’re talking very good English and yet six feet away is an English-speaking sign that says ‘private property, keep off’.

“They had the cheek to say, ‘oh, there’s always been wild goats here and we just thought we’d go and grab one’.” 

Boyd says he replied: “No, you miss the point, it’s private property, we have a regular shooter here who maintains them for us and you’re upsetting that programme by scaring them.”

“I gave them the bum’s rush and they got a bit of a fright.”

Boyd says another passer-by called the police who came and saw him.

Brunswick St assault
A couple was allegedly assaulted by an unknown group while walking home on Brunswick Street at 5am last Saturday.

The male suffered a bleeding nose and the woman was a bit sore, senior constable Chris Blackford says. 

“Police did speak to a group later on who were possibly involved and enquiries are continuing.” 

Germans fall out
A German reported to police last Friday that a mate had driven off with his gear.

Blackford: “A couple of Germans had bought a vehicle between them, they had a fallout so one’s driven off with all the other one’s gear in it.

“The German who’s got the car won’t answer his calls.” 

Hapless drunks
Police dealt with two severely intoxicated men last weekend.

Blackford says a 26-year-old New Zealand man who caught a cab into town last Saturday night was so drunk he didn’t know where he wanted to go or where he was from and couldn’t pay his fare.

“He was arrested for detoxification and released without charge.” 

At 12.30am on Monday, St Patrick’s Day, a man located on Searle Lane was so intoxicated that he couldn’t stand, Blackford says.

“He was a 26-year-old Irishman who was getting into it early.”

Sandwich costs job
A 23-year-old Frenchwoman was arrested in relation to the alleged theft of a sandwich at 10.30am last Sunday.

Blackford says: “It looks like she was working at the Alpine Supermarket and has taken a sandwich upstairs and eaten it so her position was terminated and she was trespassed from the premises. She was dealt with by the police by way of a pre-charge warning.”

Runaway truck
Police attended a vehicle crash on Malaghan Street after a truck lost traction last Saturday afternoon.

The truck skidded into two parked cars outside Queenstown House. 

Owner Louise Kiely says the truck smashed into a guest’s rental car which then collided into her vehicle. “It’s lucky it didn’t go down Malaghan St and kill a lot of people.”

Blackford says no charges have been laid yet but the truck has been taken in for inspection.